Vote Chess/Daily Openings: Statistics, Theory and Static Engine Evaluations

btickler wrote:
SatBchMagicer wrote:

As to @btickler's disappearing posters, that may apply in a weeks/months ago scenario, but do you really experience it regularly?

Quite regularly.   Just this past week, "Phinkasha Brown" was banned and "her" content removed barely 10 minutes from my last "quoted for posterity" reply .

If you're interacting with someone you think is likely to be banned or muted and want to preserve the comment, it makes sense to quote it.  This is most commonly the case when interacting with a brand-new member who seems to be something of a troll and may be one of our returning troublemakers.

People who have been active members for several years are much less likely to get banned or muted and have their content disappear.