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Weird move in the Scotch

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    I play the Scotch, however in a blitz game my opponent played this line.


    This seems like a bad move, my opponent is brining his Queen out early, so how should I defend.

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    First of all, U should defend the e4-pawn by playing 5. Nc3.

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    It's called Steinitz variation though the first time it was played by Staunton in 1846:


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    It is actually one of the few cases where the early queen move has a purpose.

      The point is that Black tries to create pressure on e4  forcing(if possible) white into positional compromises but Black will pay aprice for the early queen move.

    That's the position.

    Black has the pawn and better pawn structure.

    White has the bishops open diagonals for them and attacking chances againt the Black king that is stuck in the centre for the near future.

          There is no forced win for white but Black must be prepared to defend a very unpleasant position for long.



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    And its pretty obvious that if black does:

    It is winning for white


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