What is the best opening you've ever tried?

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    What's the best opening you've ever tried?

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    i dunno to many

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    If i won it was good and if my opponent suffer it was great.

    I have to say i have made more opponents suffer with the King's Indian Defense. That is when i first started out playing chess. The opening i knew so i applied it to white also. Same results almost, lol.

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    I have to say that the Gruenfeld seems pretty awesome. I don't know it very well, and don't study openings much, but I studied some of the main lines and ideas for a little while (couple of hours), and had good success when I tried it.

    I had tried the KID for a while before that, and the difference was night and day. With the KID, White always seemed to know more theory than me (that's admittedly very easy) and I seemed to come out of the opening worse off and struggle to survive, but with the Gruenfeld, which I studied much less, it was the reverse: I usually emerged from the opening at least equal and usually better, because White players at my level (~1700 ICC) don't seem to know the Gruenfeld much at all (they usually are much better prepared for the KID), and the common Gruenfeld tactics along the long diagonal can be very deadly to the unprepared White player.

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    The Bishop's Opening, my personal favourite, works very well for me. Nobody knows how to handle it so I always come out of the opening better. Also it avoids the Russian Game. Unfortunately, I'm not that good with the resulting middlegame positions so it doesn't have the highest win percentage for me.

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