What opening do you think is the begginers worst enemy?

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    The one somebody just and they are not even winning more than their fair share of wins but are losing 60%+ of their games with it.

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    Caro-Kann: Panov-Botvinnik Attack

    1. It's super-complicated.

    2. It's super-complicated.

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    It depends on the Beginner.  I started out in 1996 with a good understanding of the Queen's Gambit, but most others can't handle such positional openings at the start.  For me, I had trouble with the Ruy Lopez.

    And Chessteenager, it's "Beginners", NOT "Begginers".  You need to work on your spelling before worrying about non-important stuff like chess.

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    I agree with the comment by:"ThrillerFan".

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    The Parham is a pain for beginners until they learn how to handle it.

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    What about the Murphy opening for beginners?  

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    4 move checkmate.

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    When I started, I had a hard time whenever anyone didn't do e4 or prevented me from doing e5 if I played black, and I as white, I hated both e5 and c5 as black's second move.

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    The chase variation of the Alejhine as Black

    The sicilian as white

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    what does any beginner like for the other person to play, other than what allows yourself to play any moves you want to?

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    Kings gambit as white. If they accept and dont know what todo afterwards the game can be over very quickly.

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    linuxblue1 wrote:

    Sicllian Dragon and Nadjorf because beginners memorise lines rather than understanding chess.

    Easily the worst.

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