what’s your favourite queens pawn defence?

I’ve been having fun with nimzo. I’m only rapid rating 650. Wondering if I should try Slav or something a little less complicated. Advice for a newbie?

If you play the Nimzovich Indian Defense, then stick to it. It is a sound defense, but hard to play.
Slav, or Queen's Gambit Declined, or Queen's Gambit Accepted are less complicated indeed.

Advice is not to worry about openings.
You do not win or lose because of the opening, but because of tactical mistakes.
Each time you switch openings, you lose more. It takes time and losses to accumulate experience.


The Manhattan !


I tend to play mainline QGD. I have tried Indian defenses, I know they are sound, but they haven't worked as well for me on the board.


The Dutch Defense, seems everyone hates playing against it.


Nimzo is an opening you can play at every level your whole life. Sticking with it is a good idea.

If you get bored and want to mess around with other stuff in club games- go ahead as study of & experience with different structures is also helpful generally. But for serious games, if I were you , having started with Nimzo, I'd stick with it.



Well I wrote a long post explaining that there's alot to be gained from studying the opening, and I think tactics will be acquired naturally as you play. But it was accidentally deleted...

Anyway, the gist is I encourage you to try out many different openings to get familiar with different patterns / chess principles. Try out the slav, but play the early aggressive lines (often w/ cxd4). Those are fun openings that can get chaotic. Be sure to try out the queens gambit declined at some point - that'll teach you the classical chess principles. Play the KID - you'll learn how to play cramped positions better. 

Eventually you'll figure out what you like and what type of player you are, but for now you shouldn't feel pressured to choose your style. 

Personally the openings I like against d4 are: 

- tarrasch / semi-tarrasch
- benko gambit
- slav
- english defense / french defense 
- queens gambit accepted
- black lion defense