Which of these systems is best for an amateur to learn to beat the Najdorf?

m_n0 wrote:


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Definitively not 6.g3. No, especially if you are a beginner, still doubtful if you are an amateur. It goes towards a middle game that is not easy and understandable if you don't have experience, and the very move itself is kinda stinky. I still don't like the position for white after 6..Bg4.

If you are a beginner, avoid long theory (like 6.Bg5, 6.Ae3, and even 6.Be2). It is harmful and you won't learn much. If you have some experience already, you can try and go and experiment, but still, I don't recommend going for the long theory. 

There is a variation that is not spectacular but still is playable for both sides. 6.h3, with the idea of g4. There is not much theory about it, YET, and you can have a decent middle game. just take a look at it.

Good luck.