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    Hello chess.com users I have been searching for an opening to use as white (I have posted one or two topics surrounding this matter) because you see i have come to the strength of 1900-2000 uscf and I figure that it is about now that I should start developing a strong opening repertoire. I have done a lot of work on my black openings and I have decided on playing either the interesting line:

    And after 1.e4 I play the Nimzo with 2...d5 which is probably not good at gm level but I am not a GM. Same with my Blumenfeld/Benko transpostion (not very good at GM level but perhaps decent at my level). We will see at tournaments how they fair.

    So my black openings I am comfortable with but as white I need more of a system opening. Anything will work just so long as I can use it against most of my opponent's defences. 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4, 1.Nf3, even 1. g3 or 1.b3 will work. Thanks.

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    I love the catalan thank you for sharing it. I like the torre attack too but what were you thinking of doing if black plays 2...c5?

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    AdvLegitimate wrote:

    The question wasnt too clear, which is why i think you havnt had any replies. Were you just showing the black openings for a general idea of the positions youd like to play? or..

    I dont want to tell you to play certain openings, as its really about what you feel comfortable with, but Ill show you fine and you can share your ideas on it with me (if you want something more aggressive, less complex etc).

    Anyway, heres a white repetoire I made just a few days ago (altered my original to avoid indian defences). 


    Its less theory heavy than my previous full mainline repetoire, and I think the transpositions shown are all quite favourable for white.

    yes I would like suggestions based on the ideas or aggression of these openings

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