Why do Philidor players play 3... h6?

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    I keep seeing this move. A flight square for the king or...?

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    I don't play for or against the philidor but a lot people would probably be scared of the double attack on f7 if Ng5 happens, h6 prevents this.

    Also it allows Nf6 without the eventual Bg5 pin on the knight.

    I'm not sure how good this move is though, if I had to play from 3.. I would probably play 3..f4 or 3..Nc6 but again i don't play this opening at all.

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    These aren't Philidor players.  They are beginning players who happen to be playing a Philidor.  They'd roll out the same panicky move in the Italian.

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    They want to prepare Nf6 but nobody told them that 3...Be7 does the same job without wasting a move.

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    Both Boomhouse and duck_and_cover are correct  in my opinion

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    h6 is a common theoretical move don't ask me why i'm no expert in the philidors defense but yes be7 does the same thing and by the looks of theory you can completely omit h6 and be more efficient with your moves

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    Interesting, thanks.

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    It's purely there to stop Ng5 because they're had bad experiences with fried liver attacks I guess Tongue Out

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    Bc4 is actually the 2nd most played move after d4.

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