Wich is better a4 or h4?

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    Who cares?  As long as I got him off of his usual game. 

    In the last chapter of his book "Play 1.b3" Ilya Odessky analyzes the line 1.b3 a5. The chapter is titled "Don't grieve!" Smile

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    More positional players would play 1. h4 h5 2. Nh3!!!

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    Yes, but I still like the Nazgul defence, 1. h4 g5!? 2.hxg5 h6 3. gxh6 Nf6, giving Black a nice manuever with the knight


    this is that variation with some nice lines, greatly favors tactics

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    I suggest the MWR gambit, which goes like this:

    1. a4 a5 2. b4 axb4, which is the MWR gambit accepted, though 2... b6 is also fine (MWR Gambit Declined)

    If it is MWRGD (MWR Gambit Declined) then white goes with c3.

    MWRGA (MWR Gambit Accepted) gets 3. a5! b6 4. a6! Bxa6

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    II-Oliveira wrote:

    a4 is better, because h4 weakens the king.


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