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fair play policy

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    Some people like me don't intend to delay a game. Computer internet connection and chess.com server connections is 99% of the problem and 1% of me happenning to answer skype or other calls for my ministry www.turnrightministriesinc.jigsy.com You've fail to realize that the individual i s the most important not some rules even you yourself couldn't perfectly, This is considered to be religious in its ways. Email the situation or just let the people experience human situation, because you can't control jugdement. Email me back you reply and have a blessed day

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    @OP: Chess.com asks all individuals to abide by its reasonable rules. As long as you make your first move within 20 seconds of beginning a new game, and you don't repeatedly run out of time in your Live Chess games, you will not be sanctioned.

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    Once you've committed to a game it's your responsibility to play it. The alternative is to let people disconnect whenever they want and it wouldn't even be worth playing live chess.

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    I think there should be a player reporting linnk after every game, I've been insulted quite a few times after the match is over or during the match while it isn't going well for the opponent.

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    I used to repeatedly run out of time on my live chess games, but that was just because I spent too much time thinking.


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