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IRL Tournament in Central Jersey

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    Hey guys, first time posting here...

    Basically, my father runs chess tournaments in northern/central NJ. He's been doing this for a long time, so I suspect older players in the region will already be familiar with him. (if you've played at a quad directed by Ken, you know the guy). But, he's never really jumped fully into using the internet (besides his personal website, which doesn't get much traffic) to get word out about his tournaments.

    I realize this is short notice, but we have a tournament tomorrow, and I'm just wondering if anyone in the NJ area is interested in joining in. Format/Location/Etc. is below:

    June 21, 2014

    First Day of Summer Open (in three sections)

    Holiday Inn, 195 Davidson Ave., Somerset (exit 10 off I-287).

    All:4-SS. G/60 d5. Reg. ends. 9:45 am:

    U2400 Open: G$$200-150-100-50. Minimum $50 Exp & Class A, EF: $39 online or $45 cash.

    U1800 Open: $150-100-50. Minimum $50 Class C. b/18 EF: $34 online or $40 cash.

    U1500 Open: $150-100-50. Minimum $50 Class D. E./F. b/18 EF: $30 online or $40 cash.

    Trophies to Top in U1500 & top 5 K-8.

    Enter online at entryfeesrus.com.

    Early entries are paired in advance for 10 am start time.


    Thanks in advance.

    MODS: Please inform me if this is the correct forum for this kind of thing. Thank you. 


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