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News Flash!! Sarcasm gets you banned.

  • #81

    and, in an utter worst case scenario,  i've been blocked from commenting on a certain forum which means the 'tracking comments' option isn't available for me to un-check. this leaves me completly helpless against receiving an update anytime someone posts to the topic. simply awful.

  • #82

    Just ignore it, we have all been there.

  • #83

                     Wait a minute,Yeddy, why can't you un-track again??

  • #84

    if you are blocked from posting in a forum then there is no 'tracking comments' option at the bottom of the page to un-check. so, in effect, i receive the alerts when someone posts but cannot comment back or remove my tracking!

  • #85

    breaking news for chess.com forum users: rumour has it that the staff at chess.com are looking into the logistics of billing a surcharge of $0.05 everytime a user makes a snide remark. furthermore studies at harvard and yale have shown that users of sarcasm are twice as likely to think twice before speaking if such levies are imposed. interesting, huh?

  • #86

    Some of us will soon be bankrupt then.

  • #87

    i know, right? with every waking breath, it is all that i can do to not post degrading comments on some of these forums!


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