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"Kasparov Club" site

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    Does anyone remember the Kasparov Club chess site, I was active there in the early 2000s.  Suddenly it went down without much notice.  It was a great site with a ticking clock and war-room graphics. 

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    I played there, and a lot of other places now defunct.

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    It was a good site IMO.  Did Gary Kasparov sponsor it, they never charged anything to me?

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    I think he just lent his name. I played for free.  I don't recall if there were premium memberships.  Long before that, around 1996, there was a chess site put up by Chessmaster itself.  I was a wonderful site with lovely graphics, but around 1997-8, it changed into a multigame site and everything went downhill from there.

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    It went down in 2004 if I remember?


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