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rozlaczanie gry w przypadku przegranych

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    What's going on here in May as a disconnect gre loss and connection time will occur when the opponent will end it will never win batch of such fraud must stop this

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    jak mozna takie numery traktowac przeciez w taki sposob nie mozna grac to nigdy nie wykupie tu premium bo bym zawalu dostal  dobrze gram i przegrywam bo trafiam na oszustow


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    I don't normally talk about how OP's hastily mounted campaigns are simply the result of vested interests striking back at a group whose actions in support of religious freedom, social reform, and government accountability have cut through those vested interests. However, in this case I'm going to make an exception. I figure it's okay because this is a stark reality that no impartial analyst can choose to ignore. I'm sure that everyone reading this is already familiar with OP's oligophrenic dissertations so I'll spare you the sordid details. Instead, I'll simply summarize with the comment that OP's eulogists don't represent an ideology. They don't represent a legitimate political group of people. They're just flat ill-bred.


    Today, we might have let OP effectuate the downfall of all that is decent and civilized. Tomorrow, we won't. Instead, we will take the lemons that OP is handing us and make lemonade. The whole issue of credentialism is far more complex than OP wants to admit. But it doesn't stop there.


    One of OP's former confreres, shortly after having escaped from OP's iron veil of monolithic thought, stated, "OP's hypocrisy has reached a new low." This comment is typical of those who have finally realized that if OP is going to show us a gross miscarriage of common judgment, then it should at least have the self-respect to remind itself of a few things: First, when someone bends knee to its non-negotiable demands, OP pushes and pushes for more. And second, OP's beliefs (as I would certainly not call them logically reasoned arguments) are not an abstract problem. They have very concrete, immediate, and unpleasant consequences. For instance, most of you reading this letter have your hearts in the right place. Now follow your hearts with actions. OP's Praetorian Guard is an open-door asylum for anal-retentive spoiled brats. This is all well and good, but OP recently got caught red-handed trying to prop up corrupt despots around the world. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say. That's our situation today, in very rough outline. Of course, I've left out a thousand details and refinements and qualifications. I've not mentioned that OP is attracted to simplism like a moth to a candle. And I've ignored hoodlumism altogether. I've simply pointed out one key fact: There is no honor in OP's musings.

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    See eels; hovercraft

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    Well, I can only hope the salient points of my post were clear enough to be understood.

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    It was funneled, exactly; siphoned would be a better word.


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