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Talented & beatiful Alisa Melekhina comes to S Jersey for her first Simil !

  • #1

    Sign up here, almost sold out!!

    Location :

    All the King's Men

    62 S. Broadway

    Pitman, NJ

    Telephone: 856-740-0507

  • #2

    She is a beautifuk woman...Cool

  • #3

    Yes & talented as well with a great personality.  I still plan to win against her though. Wink  I will post my game here.

  • #4

    Good luck. Try to keep your eyes on the board though lol.

  • #5

    That will be difficult but I will try. Laughing

  • #6

    almost sold out, get in while the getting is good!

  • #7

    What an incredibly brilliant, impressive, and interesting young woman she is.

  • #8

    so pretty :)

  • #9

    she is an angel from above, i wish we get to see her more often in events


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