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Team Championship

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    Hi everybody,

    I am a super-admin and admin in many groups and I had an idea...

    Do you want to organise some kind of small championship between some teams? I think it would be a great idea.

    I ask every admin interested to contact me via this forum so that we can maybe organise something like this.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Quick Moves

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    Ok, we have Justice, Quick Moves and counting... Who else is interested in joining our Championship?

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    Team Matches at first!

    If it goes well, we might have vote chess as well! But, we will begin with team matches!

    Are you interested? Which is your group?

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    Should we count "Christian Soldiers" then?

    That makes it 3 teams already!

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    doesnt chess.com already have these types of tournaments I think to make it more intresting for each group signed up a tournament should be hled for each group entered only for that group to be exact 4 tournaments for each group each of the 4 holds diffrent sections for example

    section 1 2401< higher

    section 2 2000-2400

    section 3 1401-1999

    section 4 1400> below

    the first place winner of each section will make up that chess.com's group team. If someone wins in 2 groups  he/she must pick one group to represent for and his/her spot will go to the next up person in line and so on. To avoid having the thing go on for months I think the time period should be 2 days per move with vacation or 5days per move no vacation for the tournaments. Smile

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    Yes I'm interested in the tournaments of our group.Smile

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    great we need at least 8 groups to sign up and if everything works out well then one day the format can be used for all active 300+member groups of chess.com. For now any group active or non-active 300 or below can register

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    Sure, I am an admin for a small group that is very good any possibility of getting us in

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    sure just tell me your group and i'll write it down for registration.

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    The North Wind Irregulars, before you do, Just want to make sure They are cool with that

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    ok tell me if they give you the ok

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    Which teams have joined so far?

    Grandmas and Grandpas

    Christian Soldiers

    Quick Moves


    The North Wind Irregulars

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    Awesome :)

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    no NWI

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    You won't be able to participate? That makes it 4 teams then!

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    great we only need 3 more team to begin.

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    i am intereset......

    invite  me

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