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The annual tournament WATERLOO

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    Who can legalize and support the annual Waterloo (chess variant) tournament?

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    Hi Ivan, what do you want a volunteer to do?

    Set it up on a separate website, or just keep track of player's games?

    I like Waterloo. What is you position on people playing it with different graphics (same rules as your webpage, but just different graphics for pieces)?

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    I hope to find city and influential people to hold a three day's summit of chess amateurs with the tournament Waterloo 2018.


    I said already that own graphics is a norm for contemporary chess.

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    Oh, That sounds fun. Unfortunately there is not enough OTB (live chess) near me to hold a tournament. The only games I think is some people that play role-playing (Dungeons and Dragons, and new versions of it). They have life-long characters, and are very dedicated - I don't think they will switch to Waterloo. Too bad.frustrated.png


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    I'm an optimist. Don't forget that the Waterloo chess appeared in the game club Samsung where youth are playing only Counter strike, Lineage and Warcraft.

    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."  (Winston Churchill)


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