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Torrington, CT - FREE CHESS CLUB

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    I'm trying to once again (heard there was one previously) start a FREE chess in Torrington, CT U.S.A. at the Torrington library on Thursday 5:30 to 7:45....have two other players that live in Litchfield County, CT and are on chess.com and my wife already.....we had fun at our last two meetings....

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    This is a very nice thing u r doing w/free chess club Cool

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    Thanks, hope I can find enough in the area here....

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    Hey bud. I just moved here to Winsted a few weeks ago. I've been looking for a club nearby. I am a 19-- USCF player and if im correct I still have my TD license. Let me know what I can do to help. You can email me at matthewfaille@gmail.com

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    We only have a few members so far....I'm a B player, our best player is around 1900-2000, so you would be up there....the rest of us love to play but have much room for improvement.....the best club around CT is in New Britain, but it is too much of a haul for some of us, so we are forming a club local. It is rumored that they used to have or have? a small club at the local college there in Winsted too. Maybe show up at Torrington library Thursday at 5:30-6 PM, that is our regular (and casual) meeting time.



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    I'm in East Hartford or I would be very interested in joining.  I hope your group takes off and gets a good group of folk.



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    It seems to be growing slowly, there are about 7 of us now.




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