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USCF memberships

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    On Dec 17 I won a tournament in which the prize was a USCF membership. On the same day, I purchased a MCA membership. The tournament organizers said that my membership information would be mailed to me. It's been three weeks and nothing has arrived. How long will it take for the info to arrive? And what will I be getting when it does arrive?

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    Well, you can check the USCF site out to see if they have received your membership information: http://www.uschess.org/msa. Click on the Look Up a Member link and type in your name on that page. If you are a member then it will give your details there.

    I don't recall how long it takes to get your membership card, though I'm sure it isn't as long as three weeks. As to what else you will be getting? Depends on what level of membership you received. You might get the most recent magazine or nothing at all.

    For the MCA membership, you probably should either contact the tournament organizer or the MCA directly. If you don't find your information on the USCF website, you should also follow up the tournament organizer to find out how long it might take.

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    It should be there shortly.  You won't be getting much:  a USCF membership card, the MCA newsletter, and the USCF tournament sheet, unless you signed up for the magazine.  Then you'll be getting a copy of Chess Life, too.

    Did you play at the Grand Rapids tournament or the "All the King's Men" tourney?

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    My name is not listed on their website. I won the membership at the All The Kings Men Tourney
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    This guy will be able to help you out a lot more than anybody here.  I'd send him an email.  First, though, I'd go to USchess.org and look myself up to make sure I exist.Tongue out

    His name is Ed Mandell, I'm pretty sure he was the TD at that tournament:


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    Yes, he was there... I purchased the MCA membership from him.
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    Thanks everyone for your help, I called up Ed Mandell and he got the info sent in, and my name is up on the USCF website (I exist now). I have one more question: do I need to bring the membership cards to the rated tournaments that I play in? (the cards have not arrived yet, and there are some upcoming tourneys that I would like to enter)
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    It doesn't hurt to bring them, as the TD might ask to see it. Though, if you have your details and a form of ID that proves who you are, you shouldn't have any problem I would think. You could always contact the TD of the upcoming tournament and find out what he/she wants.

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    OK, I received the USCF card today, (some wealthy guy must have donated a stamp ;o). Does anyone know what I will get from the MCA? (I did not purchase the magazine) And is there a way to see if I they received my info? Thanks again!
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    You'll get an MCA newsletter in the mail once or twice a year.  That's about it.  Don't worry about taking your id, you already know Dr. Manell.  There is, though, a handy-dandy little pocket in most tournament bags that you can stick that card in.  It's as good a place to keep it as any.  If you're on the USCF website, the MCA sent the info. in.  They, too, know you exist.

    Perhaps we'll meet across the board one day.  Good luck in your future tournaments.

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    Thanks so much, you've been very helpful. Good luck to you too in your future tourneys!
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    Thanks again everyone, I played some rated games so I know for sure now that the memberships work!
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    Cool! What is your rating at? :)

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    I have not played the minimum 6 games yet, but I will be playing some games tonight, so I should get a published rating soon.
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    Cool! Have fun! :)

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    nate23 wrote:
    I have not played the minimum 6 games yet, but I will be playing some games tonight, so I should get a published rating soon.

    You only need 4 games to get your provisional USCF rating; actually, you will have  rating you can look at with less than 4 but I think it still shows  up as unrated on the main page (not the tournament cross tables) until you have at least 4.

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    I have only played 3 rated games so far, but I will post once I get an official rating.
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    I played 9 rated games last month, and my rating still shows unrated. How long does it take for them to update the ratings? BTW my provisional rating (the one on the graph) is 1455.

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    The main player information page is only updated once a month, I believe around the 1st.  Depending on where your games fall in the time period it could take a while to show but shouldn't take more than a month. You can also look at your games history to see the rating.

    edit: just checked the USCF pages

    Official ratings are currently generated on the 1st Friday of each month and become official on the 1st day of the next month. For unofficial rating information from recently rated events, see the 'Tnmt Hst' tab.


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