1845 points???

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    What's up with Mr. Bhavik 1984? Your total points are 1845, and the average score of people you play is 1388. You keep going on and off vacation, and have won numerous games on "TIME" against too many others.

    One has to wonder if you are truly a chess player or just trying to amass points to boost your rating score. I would be ashamed to have earned a ranking that high in the manner of which you have opted. Preying upon the low innocent beginners as a strategy is below a true sportsman. Regardless of whether I win or lose, why don't you just play the game, kinda like sh-t or get of the p-t!Innocent




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    The player in question is playing at a frantic pace to keep from timing out.

    All Games
    Total Games: 955
    In Progress: 819
    Timeouts: 0% (last 90 days)

    Most could only dream of playing so fast as to keep up with 819 games.

    That being said. If auto-timeout protection, not vacation, was being used, it appears the once premium member is no longer premium so the end is nigh. 

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    I think it is ridiculous to under take personal bests at the expense of others and their games!! I would not have picked up the game had I known I would be part of a circus! And what does it prove?  He should stick to the crazy tournament circuit.


    Sincerely, Zack

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    Are you faulting the other guy that his opponents are timing out on him? Seriously?

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    Well, this is quite the useless thread.  Needs snacks, clearly:

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    It can be difficult to avoid players starting to go for the gusto. Your only option is to resign.

    There are a few options available, to combat the site's policy of unlimited games, after such players have shown their hand.

    - Time per move average setting.

    - Minimum games completed. Once 255 games are completed the time per move average is more reliable.

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    Zackford wrote:

     Regardless of whether I win or lose, why don't you just play the game, kinda like sh-t or get of the p-t!

    Easy solution.  Make a move when it's your turn.  Play in your other games when it's not.  Get on with your life.

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    Wow! Who has the time to play that many games (819 at once). Seriously, I think I'm pushing my game limits if I'm Playing 30 to 40 games. I'm not a fast game player, preferring correspondence chess with OTB thrown in for good measure. One of the beautiful things about playing games in which you have a few days to decide on a move is working through your move options on a chess board!Playing so many games at once would seem to take away from a number of things, such as really enjoying each game and being able to work through complex positions with a real feel of the position's potential. To each his or her own.

    I play with opponents that are usually between 1800 and 2100, but do play some games with lower rated opponents, such as my students here at chess.com. I do understand your position regarding the idea of playing beginners to gain ratings points but it seems like an awful lot of work to bring one's rating up online. Also, there's no challenge and the best way to improve is to play opponents with a higher rating.

    However, as long as this person is abiding by the rules at chess.com, there isn't much that can be done. If you're in the middle of a game with this person, play it out and then avoid playing him. Sorry this situation has frustrated you!

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    Lemon Chicken: that tangy, saucy treat!

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    Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize so MANY of you have no concept of good sportsmanship. And then some of YOU lack the ability to read material and grasp the MAJOR points of a paragraph??Kiss

    I can't sh-t in his pot if he keeps going on vacation. What's so great about someone demonstrating they can play SO many games winning and losing to everyone??? Targeting many players rated below him? Maybe the others timed out because of his erratic clocking in and out, and they got fed up with him??? Perhaps, they are his friends cheering him along???? I don't care, I only hope to play a simple peaceful game of chess.

    My life does not revolve around chess. I thought I would bring this to our members attention thinking we should consider limiting the amount of games, or warn players of your intention, and even have a separate section to attempt your chest pounding ideas?

    I know, maybe I'll attempt to see how many useless threads I can write while I eat my chicken waiting for my turn to move??UndecidedLaughingThanks, I can always count on this melting pot for support!Cool


    Sincerely, ZACK

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    Zackford wrote:
    I don't care, I only hope to play a simple peaceful game of chess.

    Then, you know, stop caring so much and play chess already.

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    Thank you to those that have taken the time to make kind thoughtful points! And those of you that live on this"thread" with your negative comments can continue to do so without worrying or telling when to start and stop caring. I really thought more mature people were on this site??????Laughing WRONG! lolYell Take care anyway!


    cya, ZACK

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    Well, once you level some hefty charges then you can't be surprised if you get some responses you may not like. Lisa explained quite nicely how you can avoid playing members who's life solely revolves around chess.

    That said, a few things need to be added. You are essentially accusing the guy of inflating his rating. There are a few problems with your charge. Beating his average opponent yields him 1 measly point, drawing his average opponent cost him about 6-7 points. His rating on Nov. 15 was 1829, now it is 1845. For sure, it is an exhausting way to gain 16 pts. For all the games the guy the 450 pts gap sounds about right to keep his rating in that range. If he would play as many games against equally rated players he likely would drop 200-300 pts. If he reduces his games count to normal levels my prediction would be he stays around his current level. He certainly is a strong player as beating even much lower rated player isn't a foregone conclusion if one has only very litle time for such games.

    It isn't surprising that he ends up on vacation on and off as it is bound to happen with that number of games. The push is always on and one little distraction is pushing him over the edge. That said, vacation is finite and he either earned it or paid for it. I am not quite sure what you rush is anyway as you agreed to play a 14d/move game. Even without vacation this is a prolonged affair with most folks here myself included. If you are looking for action perhaps join your local State team as they always are looking to add players.

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    Zackford wrote:

    I know, maybe I'll attempt to see how many useless threads I can write

    Be sure to count this one in your total.

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    Cystem_Phailure wrote:
    Zackford wrote:

    I know, maybe I'll attempt to see how many useless threads I can write

    Be sure to count this one in your total.

    Oh I get it because this thread is useless hey that's clever!

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    oinquarki wrote:

    Oh I get it because this thread is useless hey that's clever!

    Don't forget to update your thread comprehension record to one and whatever.

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    Cystem_Phailure wrote:

    Get on with your life.

    This is a most egregious and offensible statement, Mr. Phailure! How dare you insinuate, suggest, imply or otherwise entreat people to view online chess games with random strangers as something other than the greatest and most urgent pursuit of their existences?

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    Maybe this is why no vacation tourneys are gaining popularity.

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