5 Best Players of All Time

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    Mine :

    1)Bobby Fischer

    2) Magnus Carlsen

    3)Garry Kasparov

    4) Tigran Petrosian

    5) Mikhail Tal

    Comment with your picks!

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    1. Kasparov

    2. Karpov

    3. Fischer

    4. Lasker

    5. Botvinnik

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    1. knights

    2. bishops

    3. gummi rooks

    4. a nice juicy bone

    5. fisher

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    The Capablanca, Karpov, Cram-nick, Carlsen lineage is pretty

    awesome.     Alekhine-Kasparov lineage and

    Morphy-Fischer lineage filled in the tactical cracks  and Tal

    went out of the box!

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    needsablanket, Fischer first and Carlsen second?  I think a need for a blanket is the least of your worries!  :-)

    First, Fischer won very few strong tournaments, and his record pales in comparison to even Karpov.  Chess Life once published a letter from a guy who had compiled info for so-called Super Tournaments (with average ratings adjusted for era), and Kasparov won two dozen, while Fischer one exactly one!  Karpov won about a dozen, as I recall.  Tal hypnotized players, Fischer made people ill, and Kasparov made his opponents pee their pants!



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    Greatest: Kasparov, Lasker, Karpov, Steinitz, Fischer

    Best: Kasparov, Carlsen, Aronian, Fischer, Karpov

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    prawneatsprawn was pretty good

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    1. Fischer

    2. Kasparov

    3. Karpov

    4. Capablanca

    5. Tal

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    assassino173 wrote:






    It was going so well until 5. ARONIAN??!!

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    i like his style i think he is better than carlsen

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    Kasparov, Fischer, Karpov, Alekhine, Capablanca

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    Wasn't his first name Lenny?

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    Yeah, he is quite famous, really:

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    He was really good, but he had this weird opening system. Played f3 and then moved the king to f2 or something like that.

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    I'm not all that sure Kowalski was Irish...

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    I played this guy once back in 'nam

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    1. Houdini

    2. Rybka

    3. Stockfish

    4. Shredder

    5. Fritz

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    1. kasparov-dominated everyone but

    2. karpov-tournament victories and title defenses against great players

    3. botvinik-changed the way chess was played, iron will immense ability

    4. Lasker- how long as champion? 27 years or so then immpressive results post championship era

    5. capablanca- wow that man could play

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