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A bad insult

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    Those kinds of people are all over sadly.  I haven't ran accross one yet on here, knock on wood, but don't let it bother you eh.

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    Stigmatisert wrote:
    senor_ananas wrote:

    Who would not know ezekhiel 25:17, even if it is pulpre fiction ;)

    and I have another advice - get better in chess !! you will play almost only better players and the number of stupid ones here is much lower.

    (Obs: irrelevant for the thread)

    Oh God, I thought there was jam or something on my screen. You've written "lp" in "pulpre" in grey and the rest in black.

    he ment its pure fiction and from the movie pulp fiction. Funny not only did i not recognize the pulp fiction quote, when i watched the movie i was even sure it was a part from the bible lol

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    Samuel Jackson gets on the pulpit, and goes Qui Chi in the end.


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