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Any kids play here!

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    I'm a 13 year old, as you probably have guessed after reading my username, but I want to know if there are any kids out there like me, who love playing chess. If you're that person, tell me, and maybe we could add each other as friends.

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    www.chesskid.com is the best place for you to meet other people of the same age. Have fun!

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    Hi !

  • #4

    Won't your username become awkward after you turn 14?

  • #5

    I'm not so older than you, I'm 16 and I played chess for 5 weeks, but I already love them.

  • #6

    i might be a kid... But no oe really plays on chesskid.com chess.com has more hardr and more feutures.

  • #7

    yeah you are accually right


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