Any news on Boris Spassky?


Just wondering if anyone has any further info on his health and living situation. 


He is alive and well and living in Paris... wait, no, that's someone else.


He is alive, relatively well and living in Moscow. According to chessvibes he recently attended a handicap tournament.


I didn't look real hard I suppose if you're really interested you should look around for articles in Pravda and other Russian sources

If you're anywhere near a halfway decent public or university library the reference desk might be able to help out here.  (08.23.12)

BTW his old rival Korchnoi, 81, has retired after suffering a stroke according to another recent forum here.

PS: Just saw IM pfrens post, it's a one-minute video and not in english but Boris looks happy and alert despite being in a wheelchair.

kavanam wrote:

I believe he is in Russia now. Its the same old story like Alekhine in France. In France they dont RESPECT Chess Masters, thats sure.But why the Russian giants of chess migrate to France rather than USA, where there is real respect for Chess?

First of all, his wife is French and maybe she didn't want to move to the USA. As for there being "real respect for chess" here you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Only a handful of newspapers have chess columns and it's never mentioned on TV news. Chess in the USA is about as "prestigious" as tiddlywinks, even bowling tnmts get more media coverage here. In a nation of about 311,000,000 the US Chess Federation had a whopping 76,000 members in 2011 how's that for respect: A "respectable" 0.00024% of the total USA population belong to the USCF... 

BTW according to Chess World Championship 1972 by GM Evans and Ken Smith when Spassky played Fischer in the1972 WCH the Soviet Chess Federation had about 4,000,000 members

Just out of idle curiosity, how do you know they don't respect chess masters in France? 

kavanam wrote:

But why the Russian giants of chess migrate to France rather than USA, where there is real respect for Chess?

Because rich French women marry chessplayers, while rich American women marry wrestlers.


Rofl @ Pfren!

Perhaps the new sport of chessboxing will sort that problem out!


"I took his death very badly ... the death of Fischer." -- Borris Spassky

"From being an average member of society - featureless, unreasoning, submissive - he has become an independent, discerning thinker, and has gradually turned into a dissident." - Victor Kortchnoi