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blitz rehab

  • #1

    i am a blitz addict, i need help.


    Laughing I dont really need help. I have decided to moderate my blitz play, and switch to some slower games. I will go back from time to time, but this is for the best.


    the first step to solving a problem is admitting i have one!

  • #2

    Congratulations :-)

  • #3

    I  really sympathise!

  • #4

    thanks for the support. i found my game getting worse and worse. Its time to end this.

  • #5

    I've quit blitz altogether because I finally came to the conclusion that it's horrible for my long game.

    Maybe try a little turn-based for a change of pace.

  • #6

    i hate blitz/live chess. Cannot stand it! Start playing 1 day games on online chess

  • #7

    Actually grobe, ive done that. I havnt finished any of those games yet but im having fun with that. mainly, I want to force myself to play at the 10 to 30 minute pace. This will put me in a better place.


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