Bobby Fischer fans are delusional


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Geller, Najdorf, Fine, Smyslov, Tal, Reshevsky, Spassky, Larsen, Portisch, Benko, etc were a mis-match against Fischer. Imagine these big names against present elites with our engines, books, and databases to study. Ratings today are inflated I do not know why. But quality of the games the past were more strategic and creative that is why we study them now.

would not say that Botwinik games were strategic creativ. But I aggre on Finne and Tal but dont forget Leonid Stein


who is Leonid stein


Ta in a less intense version not very known


hes that one music guy.

I love how OP states “it’s impossible to offer an objective comparison” but then proceeded to claim that raw rating scores from the player pool in the 70s can be objectively compared to those of now. 🤦‍♂️
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The USSR national championship acted as a Zonal to qualify for the Interzonal(s) in certain years.  As I recall, qualifying for the Interzonal was an automatic IM title for a player who had no title.  Qualify out of the Interzonal to the Candidates Tournament or Matches was an automatic GM. (That's how 15-year old Bobby Fischer got his GM in 1958.)

s/o said BF never-ever wuzza IM. or maybe for like a day...literally. s/o do a check. pretty pleez ?...w/ sugar on ur golden flakes of corn ? 

Back in those days, the FIDE international titles were awarded at the FIDE Congress, once each year.  Fischer was awarded the higher of the two at that time.

A few years ago, SmyslovFan posted a link to the current FIDE Handbook, but it looks like the link is dead.  You can refer to the "FIDE Titles" wikipedia page for further information.