Cheating is our Religion and Ivanov is our god


I'm officially an Ivanov worshipper from now on.I don't understand all the hate that he gets.You people ought to love him.He is a true legend.The man who never got caught.His cheating skills are unfathomable.Haters just admit that you're jealous.All Ivanov worshippers Unite!Let us create an Ivanov fan club.Only those with the greatest devotion and cheating skills will be allowed.


Hail Ivanov. Ivanov is the first person to whom I'm praying in several years now. 

I wish he would bestow me his blessings and tell me his secret methodology. Then I would start cheating selectively and maybe just for a few crucial moves in each game. Forget getting caught, I wouldn't even arise suspicions. 


He is the only god i believe in.


i always supported to B.Ivanov,   in fact, he is not a cheater, he learnt to play like the computer, similar to nakamura . It is true. 

I knew t0 Boris when he was in Spain and i have t0 tell you folks, he is the man , honest and respectful player , very talkative,  we analyzed his games with another GM  and we c0uld check as talented  was this guy.


I hope he is cured of his smelly feet and he removes his precious footwear for everyone to see that there's nothing inside. 


...and what about his allegedly bulging back?hope somebody slaps hard there in appreciation..(and inadvertently smash the electronics there!) ;)


I support Ivanov! We shall hope he is out from this issue fast! We all probarbly know he didn't cheat. It's just a matter of time when we see him again participating in more tournaments and hopefully winning all the prizes! And increasing his rating!


Lovely spam, wonderful spam


Ivanov could've qualified for the World Championship cycle but instead he chose to spend time playing legos and hungry hungry hippos with my kids day after day.

"B," I urged, "you've got to get into the qualifier and win it so you can go forward!"

He just regarded me with an air of great patience tinged with disappointment, and said with his calm conviction, "This is more important."

And he returned to the legos and playtime.

drvijaysankar wrote:

when i saw the title, i was sure it was an indian who started this thread.

Hehe.Yep,Just changed 2 words from the famous-''Cricket is our religion and Sachin is our God''


"Ivanov is a tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood!"

     Oh no, wait....... That's what the Klingon said about Kirk in that tribble episode. Sorry.


Oh yeah!! Appreciate him for finding new ways to cheat... and people are talking about him becoming world champion... What is happening to the world?

If he ever becomes world champion... er... I got no Idea where chess will be heading then


This thread made its way to several newspapers worldwide lol


this is really funny, i just hope none of you are serious!


Hope this epic thread doesn't get deleted!


Carlsen will destroy Ivanov. Carlsen makes moves that even the toughest chess engines can't comprehend!!!


Likhit see this


hungry hungry hippos.........HAHAHA

macer75 wrote:

Hope this epic thread doesn't get deleted!

I dare the mods to delete this thread.No,wait.I double dare them.

BulgarianMachine wrote:

I approve of this thread.

My lord.I'm truly humbled by your presence here.O supreme being,please teach a lowly mortal like me your divine methods of undetectable cheating.I can die peacefully then.

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