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    theoreticalboy wrote:

    Xenia also won the anti-coup regime vote, spoiling the expected ascension to the crown of the crony Doyle and causing the Tudor dictatorship to actually flee and form a short-lived secessionist regime, which existed mostly due to the proceeds of the corruption that would eventually lead to the execution of its leader.


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    trysts wrote:

    To continue my personal view on the month-by-month history of this award...

    In September of 2010, as previously mentioned, Atudor had started a coup. He created his own chess player of the month award with the prize being a membership to, which he personally would pay for. Much chaos ensued, and bitter feelings spilled into September's actual CPOTM. Meanwhile, rather quietly, someone named Heinze nominated himself for the award. What followed was a slew of peeps voting for this unknown being, as if compelled by forces beyond themselves. Heinze became, and remains the first unseeded player to win CPOTM.

    Wow, and all this time I thought I knew my history ... this is rich... rich I tell you ... 

    ... so whatever happened to heinze and his band of marauders?  I can't wait to hear how things turned out :)

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    I was absent from for a couple of months, so I missed three legends being crowned as the purist of them all, i.e, CPOTM: blackfirestorm666/batgirl/bigpoison...

    In May of 2011, hardcore FoxNews-loving, uber-patriotic American, echecs06, started a thread about the Royal wedding in England. While he gushed and blushed about it, many people didn't notice the contradiction. I think my period lasted for three weeks that month. But there was no denying the charm of seeing the same picture of a kidnapping posted over and over again by the soon to be CPOTM. He won in a landslide. I cried for two days...

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    DalaiLuke wrote:

    Wow, and all this time I thought I knew my history ... this is rich... rich I tell you ... 

    ... so whatever happened to heinze and his band of marauders?  I can't wait to hear how things turned out :)


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    Not a winner yet...

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    good job!!!!!!!Smile

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    I can hardly wait until the page of this wonderful history book finally turns to the crowning achievement of egypt_star. Nevertheless, this is fascinating stuff so far...

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    I still don't understand echecs winning.  When I think about it, I go sit on the mountain for days at a time to contemplate such an existence, but alas, I have come no closer to the truth beyond that of its essential spuriousness.

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    There must be some serious back-room cigar smoke (and mirrors?) negotiations going on for the vote tally ... I'm guessing that, like hotel floors, the debate may revolve around whether to include the number 13

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    Pleeeeease trysts, go on....

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    The times of the Tudors & the Xenias sounded very warlike indeed. Fire & brimstone. Intrigued to know how history unfolded thereafter.

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    In December of 2010, CPOTM had it's first playoff. After the first stage of voting, Tonydal and Pdela were tied. An odd thing about this was that Pdela was actually tied with someone who was no longer a member of Tonydal had ceased to exist, with two reincarnations soon to appear. Pdela's aggravation was mounting as he began to cross people off of his friends list for failing to vote for him. The public was quite confused already, and the votes were coming in sporadically when, quite suddenly, proknight stopped the voting and named Tonydal the first posthumous winner of CPOTM!

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    Thanks you for your comments above! This is quite fun for meWink

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    Interesting memories. Is funny ! Smile

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    used to be able to post film clips, but i've not tried for a few weeks, it's different now, ne'er mind. Smile

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    By the way trysts, keep in mind that I have actually won TWO of these CPOTM competitions fair and square. Not sure how I did it, because despite myself being friendly, I do not have so many friends, and even less in the clique deciding every month who's going to win this award. Somehow the votes for me displeased Mr ATudor, who wanted someone else to win his own democratic competition for a paid membership; as a kind of consolence, I guess, I then went on to win the original competition. Then Tudor's house burnt down and then he got banned. What a life.

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    Charlotte_212 wrote:  


    used to be able to post film clips, but i've not tried for a few weeks, it's different now, ne'er mind.

    Funny clip, never seen any of that series, must have a watch. Smile

    Your thinking he might know who won CPOTM?

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    if anyone knows, he does!

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    In September of 2011, a French invasion occurred, an imaginary fellow got the most votes, the thread was locked, and for the first time in the history of CPOTM the award was given to a runner-up.

    When corrijean was nominated in early September, little did she know that a French boy named checkmateibeatu, and an imaginary pot-head named lennybongcloud would make her a key figure in what Hannah Arendt called, 'The Banality of Silliness' 

    For some weeks before, checkmateibeatu had been creating thread after thread. Sometimes over a dozen threads a day. They weren't what one would call gems of originality, and in fact many were suspiciously similar to other people's threads. Well, in late summer, tempers were boiling over. Not only about the amount of threads, but a combative style which did not sit well with some of the members of In one of his threads, an apparent dislike appeared over the joke-member, lennybongcloud. When lenny was nominated for CPOTM, checkmateibeatu had had enough and invaded the CPOTM thread, doing battle with all comers. He even tried to usurp the duties of proknight, when he was absent. 

    In the end, lennybongcloud had gathered the most votes, but was disqualified based upon probably not really existing in the first place. And corrijean was rightly awarded the title of most pure...

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