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Chess Player of the Month June 2012

  • #201

    DrSpudnik, i need to find a time where we can be online at the same time and you can go on live chess.

  • #202

    He's too busy studying your questions!

  • #203

    Answer me these questions three, ere ye the other side shall see!

  • #204

    What? I thought that was a legal move!

  • #205

    Found another bird: NM Pryeor

  • #206
    chrisr2212 wrote:

    Question number 1: is the en passant rule fair ? i mean why can a pawn not be allowed capture a rook or queen e.p. ?

    They move too fast for the pawn to be able to capture them in passing.  

    They are four times faster (8 sqaures per move) than pawns at their fastest (two squares per move).

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  • #208

    No, it's Italy (the boot).  Which I guess makes Bishop Brennan Sicily?

  • #209

    Waiting for next month...

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    Man, this thread is getting cold!  I think I'll just stoke this fire a little bit.

  • #213

    #244 is not cold.

  • #214

    but Perth is ! keep it burning please Joesph-S.

  • #215

    Say the right words and the fire will roar.

  • #216

    I vote for Theoreticalbuoy.

  • #217

    Good excuse for bad-video (while we wait:)

  • #218

    I'm not waiting, I'm voting!

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  • #220
    ivandh wrote:

    I'm not waiting, I'm voting!




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