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Chess Player of the Month May 2012

  • #521

    I used to date an Asian model.  Well, I mean all she did was appear in my hairdresser friend's graduation show, but that's close enough.

  • #522

    @ E_C Are you shouting or screaming?

  • #523

    Maybe EC's brother plays the chess-games ?

  • #524

    Nah your not playing the chess definitely something dodgy going on...

  • #525

    @ E_C Is being a lunatic part of an act or is it for real?

  • #526

    Hilarious thread!Laughing

    *except for ciljettu*

  • #527

    Fake-pics, fake-chess, fake-hysteria... Smile

  • #528
    ciljettu wrote:

    Dunno but the confirmation of her fraudulent identity came at a very inopportune moment !!!!

    You kind of like someone else taking the heat for a while, pointing out things to keep yourself out of the heat.

  • #529

    He made it clear he sleeps with his own body parts.

  • #530

    This month is going to be memorable

  • #531

    [COMMENT DELETED by cilj' a mod's mod.]

  • #532
    heinzie wrote:

    This month is going to be memorable

    I can already see myself scrubbing my brain with sandpaper, attempting to remove these memories to no avail.

  • #533

    How did this come from talking about player of the month?

  • #534
    ciljettu wrote:

    Who needs the bed when we can have the swimming pool all to ourselves?

    You need to have your wife come to the site so she can start propositioning every man on here.

  • #535

    Ok, let us see when a thread shut down is coming this month...

  • #536

    nice work GambitKing .....Undecided ?

  • #537

    Speechless ! (refrain from comments stick to pictures) Smile

  • #538

    Post numbers like Finland and then we'll be impressed:


  • #539

    Well, it was not really a memorable moment for Da USSR....

  • #540

    I would lay a wager that Malta is one of the few nations the USA could actually defeat militarily.

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