Chess Player of the Month May 2012


Do you know someone who needs to be mentioned? Well you've come to the right place. Join this month's Chess Player of the Month for May 2012! (aka CPOTM) The rules are that you can nominate anyone on for whatever reason. Whether it would be friendly, humor, or personality, they can be nominated. However, please try to keep is positive about your nominated person.

Each person can nominate up to two members. You HAVE TO SAY why you want to nominate he/she or you will be ignored. If a member that you want to nominate has already been nominated, do not say: "I second the nomination!" or "I etc. the nomination." However, you can say another reason why you think that person should be nominated. I cannot be nominated. You cannot nominate yourself. Those who have won the other CPOTM contests cannot be nominated again again. Also, in order to be a candidate, the candidate must have logged on to no more than one month before the current month on the thread.

The past winners are:


AndyCliftonblackfirestorm666batgirlbigpoisonKacparovechecs06TheGrobe, pdela,

oinquarki, corrijean, ozzie_c_cobblepot, trysts, kohai, chess_kebabs, STAR_egypt, ivandh, kco 

so they cannot be nominated again. 

After nominations are closed, voting will take place. The rules are as follows:

1. We will first have a vote-off to shorten the list, as many months the list is very long. The top vote-getters (I am not going to mention the number) will advance to step two.

2. There will now be another vote-off, but this time for a Head of Nominees winner. The Head of Nominees has the power to select two members from the list for elimination.

3. After the HON has selected two members to eliminate, there will be a vote-off for one of those selections the HON made to stay. For example, if the HON nominated “aa” and “bb”, everyone will vote for one of those members to continue in the running for CPOTM. The other will be eliminated. At this point, the list should be shortened to about three people.

4. After a member has been eliminated, there will be another competition for a new HON. This, however, will not be a vote-off, but a collection of questions sent to the remaining members of the list. The member with the most questions correct will become the new HON.

5. The HON will now once again select two members from the list for elimination. (since there should be only three members left, the two members not HON will the automatically selected) Now, there will be another vote-off for one of those members to stay.

6. Finally, after reducing this list into two remaining people, only past winners and list members for this month will vote for one of the two finalists to win. 

To make voting and nominating easier for me, please keep posts or parts of posts related to nominating and voting in red.

I want to make it clear that there is no advertising to vote for one member for it will not be fair for the member(s) not advertised. Advertising includes:

1. posting on forums, blogs, notes, etc. to ask people to vote for a nominated person(s)

2. messaging members to ask people to vote for a nominated person(s), cannot be detected clearly, but will be suspicious

3. as simple as posting the link to this forum and posting a username with the link ("link" playerA!!!)

If you do advertise, you will be blocked until the end of this month AND next month, and the nominated player you have advertised will be removedfrom the list.

I want to make it clear that I do understand that I cannot control one's actions from advertising, but at the same time, they should always take a look at the first post of this thread. From now on I will not be responsible for your actions, so beware. "Spamming" will be taken seriously so if you "spam", you will be blocked after one warning until July 2012. This includes:

1. posting irrelevant pictures

2. posting irrelevant videos

3. trolling

     It is now May so get ready to nominate! Any questions?





Okay, my first nomination goes to philidor_position for being a very nice, helpful, and intelligent personSmile





I really would like to see wafflemaster to be in the next CPOTM and along with Estragon, next time you people see thier name pop up in the forum go and have a read and find out what they had to say, they are very helpful and pointing things out about the games for the other members. 


I would liketo nominate Ruby-Fischer because she votes alot of times and gets involved.

LisaV wrote:

Let's all laugh at kco for his username being spelled in a girly color in the list of winners.


My first nomination goes to theoreticalboy because I nominate him a lot & he loses only theoretically.  Second nominaton...later.

Tongue out


i nominate philidor_position

LisaV wrote:

My first nomination goes to theoreticalboy because I nominate him a lot & he loses only theoretically.

Yes, a pity this principle rarely works in the universe outside (but that universe sucks anyway).


Thanks Charlotte, and I know you need a rest from the excitement this month, so Im going to nominate:

The double barrel shotgun toting, puff adder blasting, dog eating, bar brawling, MMA legend that is SNAKESBELLY.

The reason: the thought provoking posts on how to choose a favourite sibling to get the premium membership. 


I nominate Papiss Demba Cisse for scoring what he wants, when he wants.


I for one fully support the newly minted transparency in the rules of voting, so that every nominee can have an equal shot at exploiting them.


I'll second SnakesBelly as well for that hilarious and thought-provoking post he made regarding hurling chess pieces at the face of your opponent.


Joesph-S for the CPOTM gallery photo and electricpawn for his appreciation of rock 'n' roll.


Hessian Warrior for his appreciation of appreciation of rock.











HessianWarrior wrote:

Joesph-S for the CPOTM gallery photo and electricpawn for his appreciation of rock 'n' roll.


I get to vote at the end of the month!


Is the nomination over?

malko wrote:

Is the nomination over?



Then why didn't my vote/nomination for hessian warrior go through? Laughing

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