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    There might be variety of reasons. I am now closing in on 1500, i.e I have increased around 130 points in 5 tourneys(from 1370 to 1492). My main problem is my stamina, i get tired easily by the end of the tournament. I think you tend to take the matches here at very lightly. Anyways, sorry for the timeout.

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    no prob i see that u r already playing 4 online matches please challenge me a online match once u r free i would really love to play with u and congrats for ur 1492 one i always knew u would cross 1500 by looking at some of ur games

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    by the way u should see my standard record in that lost matches interestingly 80 matches were lost against both comp hard and impossible combined with these two i played a lot at the start of my account

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    I guess its time I revived this forum :) @ Darkbluelord,

    Yeah, that's an incredible variation you posted, which I forgot to add. Thanks! Here's the line in game format for those who are interested :) 

    Please keep posting more studies :)

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    This one isn't really hard,  but its incredibly interesting.

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    Nice puzzle @skotheim2 , when you first look at it, you get a feeling you'd have to throw b6 and c5, but it's really difficult to calculate when :)

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