childish behaviour


I really enjoy '' and congratulate the people who have made it such a first class site, but what does one do about the sad ignorant plonkers who simply 'walk away' from a game that they have obviously lost, without the courtesy to resign.

I could list at least twenty or more of these moronic time wasters that I have encountered this year so far.

I'm certain that this must be a common problem, but what's to be done, is it worth reporting them? if so .... who does one report them to, and what action is taken.

                                              thank you, bobk39.


There will always be such players. Eliminate such players from your list of opponents and eventually you will have plenty of congenial players to enjoy playing chess online.

GorillaCookies wrote:

Welcome to the pay version of yahoo chess.


Is it different for non-paying members then?


What are you talking about ?

Everytime i play you -you disable a chat. You are showing disrespect straight away. Its like i dont want to talk to you  and now you ask for courtesy  to resign you dont pay respect to other people so get the same treatment . I hope you understand.

You are putting people straight away against you so expect the same treatment if their game does not go well

You are born in 1939 so you should now if you ignore people they will pay back with the same coin

Have a nice day



It drives me mad that he disables chat too!

Stefani Germanotta is awesome!

BobK39 wrote:

but what does one do about the sad ignorant plonkers who simply 'walk away' from a game that they have obviously lost, without the courtesy to resign.

                                              thank you, bobk39.

I know and understand how frustrating this can be, it takes the enjoyment out of the game when the opponent stalls or leaves.

We are working on something (coming soon) that will hopefully alleviate this.


For blind 1234 and Day Of Shadows.....The reason this person disables chat is for him to know and not you to assume.It never outs me off when someone disables chat, especially on live chess where you may want to be concentrating on your move without people trying deliberately to run your clock down with distractions.perhaps they have had a bad experience and have encountered several instances where they have said the usual "hi good luck" but then the opponent has persisted in chat above and beyond what you would expect...I've had comments like.."make your move I'm in a hurry" or "There's no way you will beat me look at my rating and look at yours" and is exactly THOSE sort of people that irritatingly walk away from a game they are badly losing because they possess no grace or sportsmanship.Stop assuming, making irrelevant comments and getting at the OP just because you have no common sense.


there are knobs in all sports.


I can't chat during Biltz game for some reason. I used to be able to before I 'upgraded', but now when I try it tells me I can only talk to 'friends'. How they going to become friends if I can't talk to them?

They must think I'm very rude.


calico, you can chat with anyone, but you have to be on their friends list to use the voice chat tool.

roiethe wrote:

Bob i  agree with blind1234 when we played i felt dissed when u turned off chat

 You're not supposed to chat during a chess game anyway.


i am surprised that so many people have shown an interest in this matter, thank you all for your comments.

just in case there is anyone 'out there' who hasn't worked it out yet ... i have 'chat' turned off permanently for all of my games, but often send a comment after the game, and i am always happy to engage in further dialogue, but not whilst i am playing.

              i don't have enough spare brain cells for that !



I too prefer to keep discussion at a minimum during games, especially in live chess. I hope opponents do not consider it rude, because I do not intend to slight anyone. Chat after the game is fine with me. Maybe, I am just conditioned that way from playing OTB.  


Do people chat much at real life chess meetings?



I just get used to them leaving and do something in one of my groups or in facebook in another tab and wait for time to run out :)

GorillaCookies wrote:

Welcome to the pay version of yahoo chess.

As soon as I read this thought of '' Yahoo Chess '' too ! Smile

( keep a novel or newspaper handy whilst waiting on time to run down :)


Is there any place where you can report such a player who let's time run out. I just played against the person who resigned after long waiting, when I told him I'm gonna report him. I checked his game archive and he has time run out always when he is at the hopeless situation. 


im not sure where to send a report about that specifically. you can always block that user and you wont have to deal with it anymore. theres plenty of players here :D although, honestly, its not like people are likely to be polite. most of the time when i play a game i say "good game" afterwards and no one responds back politely if at all. theres always going to be excuses people have to be rude. better just to move on and practise good behavior yourself :D or just block them and be all angry, lol :D


for the people complaining about disabling chat, there are plenty of reasons to disable chat. ive disabled chat myself and had someone message me about it complaining that i was rude because of this. in fact, i disabled chat because i see so many players being rude when i have chat on. i say good game after a match and they walk away. i try and talk after a game and make polite conversation, and they get upset or walk away. the list could go on. currently i have chat on, but i doubt it will stay that way forever. sometimes i feel like chatting...sometimes i dont. maybe its me...maybe its because of rude players. thats no reason to make assumptions people :D i understand how this sport can get people upset. attempt to rise above it if possible so we can make this a better place for all of us to play :D


I agree with you, Trent. :)  For the first time here, I just disabled a chat with an opponent.  HowEVER..this was my 2nd game w him/her, and this time because I refused to accept as friend, he was very rude and called me a pitch.  (YES, i know it's not spelled right).  :P  

I don't want to hear how someone is 9 yrs old and and !!! continuously and acts up.  I think it's a great option here and if someone wants to get upset about that, then so be it.  I've had the same thing happen to me for wanting to make comments during a game, which was my hint that they wanted SILENCE to think.  That works too!  :) Let it matter what.

PLaY ChESs.   :)