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CPOTM May 2012 cont.

  • #521

    I thought this was the end of the road!

  • #522

    Very very soon. In a few hours.

  • #523


    You said May would be the end of this unbearable slog! Yell

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  • #525


  • #526
    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Congrats 'LectricPawn!

    And as for you PorkNight:

    Now your charms are all o'erthrown. Time to ring down the curtain?

    since when did Kansas have any credibility? oh yeah, the Wizard of Oz. (abusive language removed)  Smile

  • #527

    Few hours have passed...It was a dark and stormy night...

  • #528

    Riders on the storm...

  • #529

    Trysts has left the building.

  • #530

    She left an empty bottle too.

  • #531

    "Very, very soon" he said. And there was much rejoicing.

  • #532

    It's up right now, along with a "June CPOTM Discussion Forum."

  • #533

    Wrapping up one more for the history books.

  • #534

    We can always come back here if we succeed to have June locked up....


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