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Did Bobby Fischer have Aspergers Syndrome?

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    Did Bobby Fischer have a condition that would have been subsumed into "autism spectrum disorders" today? is now what this thread is. 

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    Its true.

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    Maybe there is another syndrome which Fischer had. But he had somethink. )))

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    Not quite, those currently diagnosed with autism are going to now be diagnosed with "autism spectrum disorder", aspergers is not being removed from the DSM, it's being put under a differant category.  So they're not getting cured, their disability is just getting renamed.  This is politically controversal, but scientifically consistant, as most evidence is showing that autism and aspergers are one the same with differing levels of severity.  Aspergers is already widely recognized to be "on the autism spectrum".

    Regarding the DSM5, Internet use gaming disorder is being added, so I think a lot of us are going to start being diagnosed as mentally ill!

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    I also believe that Kingscrusher has a mild form of Asperger. His deep love/obsession with game, his antics and quick-tempered manner, too many "Okay" and similar fillers while talking ... Not that it's a bad thing. I actually think that Aspergers will be the next step in the human evolution.

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    I don't know if Bobby Fischer had Aspergers but I do.

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    Guys, there are way more important things to discuss, such as: http://www.thegloss.com/2013/07/09/fashion/vogue-uk-hacked-to-display-dinosaurs-in-hats/

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    Of couse the lack of social development in his childhood can lead to more anti-social behavior as seen in Fischer. He dropped High School that he didn't like.

    But i assume most of the world champions need to have somewhat similar stories.

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    I understand that Wimpy had Hamberger's Syndrome.

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    Ofc he didnt have asberger, but because he critizised the Elite he now has.

    Its like in the Movie the power and its price with lino ventura. When he uncovers their conspiracy they killed him and his partner and Said the was paranoid and killed first his friend and then himself.

    The power crushes u, dont mess with the mighty.

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    What is "an unstructured environnement"? hein?

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    I met Lombardy, who grew up with Fischer ( just a few years older) and I found him to be just as racist and obnoxious as Fischer's 911 radio rant. It's embarassing, but that was the culture they grew up in.

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