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Favorite player and game

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    What is your favorite player of all time, his/her rating, and your favorite game he has played. I like Vishy Anand, but I don't have a favorite game by him. Anyone else like him?

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    Fischer and his game against Donald Byrne in 1956 "the game of the century"

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    Alkehine is the best!best game was the 3 queen sac vs boljugobov

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    Well, Favorite Game and Favorite Player aren't always the same.  That would be like saying that because the best song of all time was some one-hit wonder means he or she must be the best ever artist when in reality, the rest of their music is trash.

    That said, it's hard to say that I have a favorite player.  My style of play is not like any one other player's.  My White game is most in line with that of Ivan Sokolov.  My Black game is more in line with that of Suttles, Seiriwan, Davies, Lakdawala, Perrson, etc.

    However, of all the games I've studied in my lifetime, which has been MANY, while I do find the Byrne - Fischer game where Fischer sacrifices the Queen interesting, I still find Black's 28th move in Schmid - Gligoric, Hamburg 1965 the most astonishing, taking time to move his King to what appears to be a more exposed location when in reality, White is helpless, and other moves by Black lose!

    I don't even play the King's Indian Defense, and tend to beat it as White, and yet this game where Black wins in a King's Indian is to this date the one I find the most astonishing thus far!

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    Paul Keres and he had so many spectacular games I would be hard pressed to pick only one....

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    Veselin Topalov! My favorite game is his immortal against Aronian. In this game, Topalov sacrifice the exchange twice, his rooks for blacks minor pieces. A perfect example of positional exchange sacrifice.

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    I think that my favorite player of all time is Capablanca. My favorite game is the one where Capablanca refutes Marshall's Attack brilliantly. He defends accurately, and, once his queenside is untied, he finishes spectacularly.


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