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fight crime

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    chess is without doubt a very endemic pastime in prisons but there is a way the wider chess fraternity can fight crime, the causes of crime and better society as a whole.

       I work for a charity that is celebrating it's 50th year of service,we have assisted many many thousand of dissadvantaged and desperate peoples over this time, you too could assist us in our endeavours to fight crime, the causes of crime and homelessness, we can all make it a better world, St Giles Trust has proved it.

       So guy n gals see what you too can do, visit;   www.stgilestrust.org.uk

    we are a non religeous and non political organisation! many thanks;   James.

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    lets go

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    There are so many good causes and I don't have a lot of money...

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    Of course there are but for every dollar or pound we spend we save society 10 in colateral damage but bless and if you have one may your god go with you.

    thanx;   James

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    Thank you.


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