Fischer vs Karpov

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    you're such a drama queen!

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    Draw odds should be reinstated simply on the grounds that we select a challenger by conducting a candidates tournament. The winner of a candidates tournament is much more likely to win a world chess championship match than a challenger that had to go through a match cycle. The luxury of an incumbent champion to analyze x number of matches of the up coming challenger greatly increases his chances to win. This is the reasoning and logic behind elimination of draw odds.

    So here is your history of it all:

    Botvinnik drew a match against Bronstein (supposedly Bronstein was coerced to lose)

    Bronstein qualified by winning a playoff after tying for 1st place in a candidates tournament.

    Now Smyslov loses - candidates tournament

    Smyslov wins - candidates tournament

    Smyslov loses a rematch

    Tal wins - candidates tournament

    Tal loses a rematch

    Petrosian wins - candidates tournament

    Spassky loses to Petrosian after qualifying in a series of matches.

    Spassky qualifies, again in a series of matches, but then wins.

    Fischer qualifies by a series of matches and wins.

    Karpov qualifies and doesn't get to play.

    Korchnoi qualifies by a series of matches and then loses.

    Kasparov qualifies by a series of matches and the match is terminated, but he probably should have lost.

    Then Short and Anand both qualify in a series of matches and both lose to Kasparov.

    Kramnik didn't have to qualify.

    Leko wins what was essentially a candidates tournament and ties a match by losing the last game.

    Everything before and after isn't fit in the comparison between candidates tournaments vs series of matches. However, it is relevent to note that Carlsen and Anand were the only challengers to qualify (aside from Karjakin) by a candidates tournament since Petrosian.

    The current cycle needs to be refined, but not thrown in the trash.

    I think having a candidates tournamet to determine candidates for a series of match, and seeding the incumbent champion into the series of matches, would be best.

    For example take the top 14 rated players in the world, excluding the world chess champion, have a double round robin and then take the top half, which would be 7 players, then add the world champ into the mix for three rounds of elimination matches. The final match should be 16 or 18 games, though.

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