FM TVEDAS's containment thread


Hey guys! I hope I am doing this in the correct forum :) 

I am FM Tautvydas Vedrickas from Lithuania and I will use this one thread to update the community on my latest videos/posts/thoughts in general.

If you have any questions about me, chess in general or, to be honest, anything, just ask away and I will do my best to answer.

If you are interested, you can check out my Youtube channel at

or my blog at


My latest video series is about going from 0 to at least 2400 on Playchess, first video is already up at , the second one is incoming today. 


Let's do this fellas, ask away, watch videos, make comments and suggestions, all of that would be greatly appreciated :) 


So when will the next installment of your "Road to the first IM norm" article be up?

(Acceptable responses include "Immediately" or "I can't post it right now because I'm in the middle of earning norm number 2 and need to focus on this tournament I'm currently dominating".  Unacceptable responses include just about anything else Tongue Out)


I swear it is coming, I swear! 


I've got a writer's block :) 


A couple more short videos:


Frickin Playchess kept freezing.. I got really mad :) 


A new video in a completely new format!


My wife, who is a strong chess player herself, plays blitz while I spectate and try to figure out what is happening. If you enjoy this format let us know and we will surely make more of these :) 


Two new blog posts, check em out! :)


In January of 2014, at Rilton Cup in Stockholm, GM Sergey Volkov from Russia has played an absolutely brilliant game vs GM Bartosz Socko from Poland. I am sure that a lot of people haven't seen it and I felt that it is just too good of a game to go unnoticed, so I made a youtube video where I try to analyze the main ideas of this brilliancy. 

Check it out and let me know what you think!


I'm curious what the next event you plan to play in is?  (If you have anything scheuduled, that is)


I am currently playing in Lithuanian National Chess League for team "MRU", you can find the results here:


Next up, I might play in an IM-norm round-robin tournament at some point in February, though that's not guaranteed. 

After that, in April I'll play in the National Men's final, also round-robin tournament with norm possibilities. Since I somehow luckboxed a 3rd place in the final last year I am automatically invited this year, which is nice, since it's not so easy to qualify for it via tournaments :) 

From the final, I will try my best to qualify for the national team to play in Tromso Olympiad, though it's a longshot.. 


Apart from that, I don't have anything 100% scheduled as of right now, but of course I plan on playing much more than just those :) 


P.S. I wrote two new blog's pretty much specifically because of you! What I really mean is.. Thanks :)