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Gata Kamsky

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    I got to spend a half hour chatting alone with Rustam Kamsky at the 1993 World Open. This was in Philadelphia at the Adams Mark hotel. I used to live in Philly. Anyway I used to smoke back then (cigarettes :-) and so did Rustam and I was sitting at the small entrance that wasn't so busy at the end of the hall where the td's had their rooms set up, the hall that had the main playing areas and top section. I was smoking and Rustam came out and lit him up one (a cigarette) and he was very polite and open. into."and "how are you" intros we were
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    Never mind the end of the last posy I'm on an android and I hate the way it causes problems with my posts. Anyway, I think we were discussing family because he asked me if I lived there or something and asked of my family was with me. I can't remember all the details but I think that's how it got started. I had mentioned I wasn't with family that I lived there by my self and he told me how important he thought family was. Ill finish in a couple of minutes.

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    He mentioned how important family was to him and he thought I should go back home where mine was. In NC. He sounded like he cared a lot and loved Gata. Anyway we smoked a couple of cigs together and talked about what he thought were the most important things in life. He seemed sincere but you know, people can always show a different side when they're in public. It wasn't until well after that that I read all the negative stuff about him.

    Iwonder if he still smokes?

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    @Damon, yeah I think he does still. I think I saw him with a cig in the Swiss GP (not entirely sure anymore though) Smile


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