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GM to play online game!

  • #1

    Hi my name is mahdi.im playing chess from 2011.im not a cheater and i hate cheat.i like playing against strong opponents becasue it helps me to improve my skills.i want play against GMs but often they dont accept my game request.if you are a GM or know some GM who accept other players game request for free please send me game request or post his profile link here.


  • #2

    its ok too but i like his/her rating be more than 2200

    i like my opponent dont have any mistake and i can have experience like grandmasters.

    i really dont like my opponent do blunder or mistake becasue it doesnt help me improve my skill

  • #3

    are you WCM?

    why you dont send it to chess.com to be titled player here?

  • #4

    why did you decline it?

    i said i like my opponent be more than 2200 although your rating is 2000 but your rating was higher than mine

  • #5

    I doubt you'll get a GM for free here... Or maybe?

  • #6

    are GMs better than computer 4 impossible or computer 4 is stronger?

  • #7
    GarryAlekhine wrote:

    are GMs better than computer 4 impossible or computer 4 is stronger?

    Yes, of course. Even I was better in a blitz game against Impossible, but blundered, because I was so excited. Laughing

  • #8
    IGalexander wrote:

    How about WCM ? :D

    Do you even have a FIDE rating?

  • #9

    Yeah I saw you wrote 2000, but I could write 5000 if I wanted to.

  • #10

    well really u gotta personaaly text titled players if you  wanna play them.

  • #11

    I think ChessExplained ( http://www.chess.com/members/view/Chessexplainednormally accepts game challenges. He is an IM and has an Online rating of 2298 and a FIDE rating of 2402. It think this is adequately strong opponent for you. He also has a great youtube channel.

  • #12

    lol WCM with 1144' tactics



  • #13

    I know a WCM who is rated in the 1600's.WCM is nothing.

  • #14

    She is not a WCM. She doesn't even have a fide profile.

  • #15
    IGalexander wrote:

    Hakim your rating is 1549. You are in poor level for me to talk with you

    ratings dont decide the worth of ppl 

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    IGalexander wrote:

    King i talk with hakim not you

    You are just an indian that in poor cointry and dirty too

    who the hell are you to describe India such a way your country is nt evn as a big a state in our country  , out airforce is ranked no, 4 in the world , the world's biggest democracy and shame on you if you dnt knw the world champion is an Indian wht the hell is your country a dot and nth more than tht , thnkz to India ppl frm England knw hw to live there life and thnkz to thm ppl in Europe live a meaningful go and look at the history India was the richest country and will again become soon.

  • #17

    Wow, another genius...

  • #18

    we pray animals u kill them , India was the first country to take a pledge nt to use Nuclear weapons , India had the most respected ppl like Mahatama Gandhi, thnkz to India today entire world knws wht is culture and west is following Indian Yoga and moreover who are you a dirty fellow ugly face , a simple waste present on this planet ,in India we are taught nt to use abusive language against animals so i dnt say anything to you go to hell.

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    IGalexander wrote:

    Your in not level to talk with you a dirty stupid. And poor indian haha yes yes im ugly. And you are so cute oh yeah

    Lemme guess, you are also model?


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    ppl like u r just born to die someday just useless i give a damn to u and still India has got the riches ppl in the world bt u have zero knwledge

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