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Happy Birthday Boris Spassky!

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    A former world champion, to me, a living chess legend, the last person that played the great Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky turned 76 today. I wish him a happy birthday and a long life. Here are some of my favorite games from him:

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    Happy birthday, Boris.  I would have loved to attend one of his lectures.

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    Nice thread.

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    Great thread, thanks! :)

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     A truly great player and a relatively normal human being for a World Champion! He's always going to be defined by the match with FIscher but his legacy should be more than that. Its a sign of his greatness that he came back to win the ultra tough Soviet championship the year after he lost to Fischer and was a candidate again in 1977 and 1980, not to mention winning a really strong Linares event in 1983. Its not true that the 1972 match destroyed two careers as is often said.

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    I wish a very happy birthday to one of my favorite chessplayers! Smile

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    I had the privilege of attending one of Boris Spassky's talks/lectures at Trinity College Dublin.

    The man is a great raconteur and a thorough gentleman.

    Happy Birthday and good health to you, Boris!

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    Am I jealous; and what you say is what my friends have told me.  And this is a great thread.

    Thanks, Aboba.

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    Besides which, how many people ever had one of their games featured in a James Bond film? Laughing

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    Yeah, how cool is that?

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