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How did you choose your username?

  • #121

    I threw a bunch of silverware on the floor and then used the sound it made

  • #122
    I admire Spassky's "universal style" and classical sense of style.
    So I took his name and paired it with the year he became world champion.
    He's not my favorite player; that's Petrosian! (Yes, I do have a sense of irony!)
    But at that time, I was playing 1...e5 a lot and Spassky played this as well... He seems a good model for an improving player: focus on tactics, the attack, classical style in that he also played 1...d5 in response to d4.
  • #123

    I like astronomy so the picture is of me and my telescope, the 29 is year when Edwin Hubble calibrated the size of the universe - minus the 1900.

  • #124

    When me moved Banana Falls, me immediately noticed NO GORILLA BARBERS in me neck of the woods, so me chose name The_Hairy_Gorilla.
    End of banana. 

  • #125
    It was my mothers name.
  • #126

    I looked at my 789 fide rating and my inability to every become good at chess and came up with it within 3 seconds of my super worthy time.

  • #127
    I play the bass.
  • #128

    My 'handle' came from a "Jim Jarmusch" quote, I liked.


  • #129

    Take a guess.

    You are probably correct!

  • #130

    I really didn't get mine, my dad picked

  • #131

    I've used this name for a couple decades or so, in lots of different places online. I didn't originate it, but it's unique and sounds cool (at least to me), and I've never found it to be taken by anyone else. Wink

    Originally the name came from a roleplaying game. Someone had given a halfling a really weird name (for a halfling), and a friend of a friend said "What kind of name is that? A halfling should be named something like Bramblyspam".

    So there ya go, I've used the name ever since. And I'm not even short.


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