Immaturity on this site


On classical chess normally you have more time to think, so at a certain point you resign. It depends on the position and on the opponent. For example your opponent played a very solid game and if I loose some material probably after a while I will resign. In blitz it is completely different, because you don't have the time to understand the position, and then you move quickly. Normally when I have a clear minus in my position in a blitz, I just continue till the end. Don't forget that in chess there is also the stalemate and the possibility to draw by time.

EndgameStudier wrote:

What I can't stand is in positions like this:

It's a dead draw and I have 10 seconds and my opponent has 11, and he wins because we both make premoves the whole time. I don't understand why positions like this are not immediately declared a draw by the site. There is absolutely no way to win, it is essentially insufficient material, stalemate, repetition, and 50 move rule all combined into one. And then you'll get a position like this against a player 500 points higher than you and he wins and uses this to say how playing lower rated players is too easy. No common sense.

perhaps the lesson is better time management so you don't get yourself in that position? 

time controls are there for a reason. and it's you who chooses the time.


Well, I certainly am glad they booted the guy who posted "Dust in the Wind."


you prefer boston?


Heck yeah!  They used to practice right on out in the streets! grin.png

So not giving up is immature? 🤔

I hate that people resign once u eat the queen


Which site on the internet, are people not immature??

That's the site I am looking for!

varelse1 wrote:

Which site on the internet, are people not immature??

That's the site I am looking for!



YouTube!  It's like the Supreme Court deliberating sometimes!


Unbelievably rude,crude and lame


Maybe this is the reason



Lousy attitudes and unsatisfied, quite simple. I meet tons of them ad nauseam....


I believe, people on the internet are still not understanding that they should threat each other with respect as in real life.


Everybody is different. No two are alike.



I honestly don't think that everyone behaves that well in real life. At least online  you can turn them off / ignore / avoid more easily.

Like these damn people that talk really loudly on their cell phone in close proximity to other people, Ive started joining in on their conversations actually

I'd like to try whispering really loud into their phone... are you coming back to bed, honey


Yeah, those bozos are truly a pain in the neck.

And I agree.  People always talk about the internet like it's some snake pit and the real world like it's Mayberry RFD.

Lordananas wrote:

they should threat each other with respect 

Oops, looks like your Freudian slip is showing! grin.png


Once again, Harry slips into the game with a menacing look on his face.


Some people think Bobby Fischer is the best and some people are stupid.