Is Aronian overrated

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    Up from number 5 due to Grischuk's loss of form, so he's getting overrated again!

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    I told you guys my research was real. Caruana IS the real world #2 he just needed to break out of his shell, and Aronian is vastly overrated. 

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    Tactics:  2    

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    Officially out of the top 10 now.

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    Not sure who is having a bigger decline right now; Aronian or Tiger Woods.

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    Superqueen is all "I told you so" now that Aronian's rating has slipped.

    Let's see... When the thread began, Aronian was second in the world with a 2805 rating. He is currently going through a bad patch and has dropped all the way down to...

    2770 in the live ratings, 2777 in FIDE's official February rating list. Yup, Aronian is currently 35 point lower than he was when he was "the most overrated player in the history of the world".

    And it's a pretty safe bet that Aronian's current rating slip is temporary. This is the lowest rating he's had since 2009. I fully expect he'll bounce back soon enough. He may or may not break 2800 again, which is an incredible rating, but he will almost certainly move back into the top ten again even with all the youngsters charging up the ratings ladder. 

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    Aronian isn't "clutch."

    Obviously he has been a fantastic player for a very long time, but the best players don't always win. It's important to play your best when it counts most. Aronian has never done that. You could certainly say this about Ivanchuk, too. What separates someone like Kramnik and Anand from guys like Aronian, Topalov, and Ivanchuk is that Kramnik and Anand are "clutch."

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    "Officially out of the top 10 now"

    So now he's underrated.

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    You guys realize Superqueens acc is closed :p

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    Uh oh.

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    Aronian is a fantastic player -- and titled players have far more understanding of chess than us.  I would really strongly suggest learning from his games instead of claiming he's not a good player -- He didn't get to be a top 10 player by accident.

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    1 year after starting this thread, Aronian is now out of the top 10 in live ratings.

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    yep, over-rated. he is currently joint 1st in the Candidates 2016

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