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Kasparov & Karpov's relationship now

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    Kasparov-prison/                     Not thinking ahead, poor moves and underestimating an opponent. Moral stand, oh yea go to jail and waste the gift of your own life.....

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    Karpov was the Communist party's man. Even before he made through 1974 Candidates tournament, he was clearly their man.

    By 1984/5, Karpov was their sporting figurehead. Karpov was the system effectively. And Kasparov as an outsider within the USSR would have had his work cut out knowing that the entire system wanted Karpov to remain champion. That is why there was animosity in their earlier years.

    When the USSR imploded, Karpov's political support melted.

    I'm glad that they're on friendly terms now. Life is too short.

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    the two ks are the best of mates. but on the chess board was the greatist of rivals. the rest is all made up from the press.

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    i have always been on karpov"s side ..playing for the nation and not ego/money . i hope the 2 K's are now have  a relaxed/ retired realationship i downloaded 2 pictures to draw (my hobby)  and post here

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    and karpov

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    Karpov looks like charles xavier from x-men first class. cool!

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     karpov the eternal rival of kasparov.

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    guesso wrote:

    Karpov looks like charles xavier from x-men first class. cool!



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