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looking for a few good player's

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    Hey Chess World. i'm looking for a few good player's to join my Selmer's Chess Team. We could really use some player's for team matches, recruting,and helping us to raise our team rank a few ranks. Please, if you can help us then I would be grateful. 

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    Count me in brother.

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    What is your definition of 'good'?

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    pipinghotsos wrote:

    What is your definition of 'good'?

    Someone who accepts defeat when beaten (without the disparaging remarks). How about you?

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    Hi, I definitely don't think i'm "good" but I'de love to join in and play some rounds with you guys to get acquainted. 

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    My definition of good is this. One, who has a good rating, one who really like a this game,One,who has good sportsman conduct,and one who will do there best to help out.

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    Is their anyone who will join our Selmer Chess Team? Please.


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