New book on Bobby Fischer out November 2020


For all those fascinated by the life and times (and games) of Bobby Fischer, I noticed that there is a new book being published in November 2020 by International Master John Donaldson.  The title of the book is "Bobby Fischer and His World: The Man, the Player, the Riddle, and the Colorful Characters Who Surrounded Him".  Hopefully it will be a good read.


Sounds interesting.

I found a Perpetual Chess podcast from last year with Donaldson talking about all the new sources he has found.


I ordered this book through but it is now unavailable, so I got a refund.  Still keen to get it, just not sure who is selling it and shipping it to Australia - anybody know?


Anyone read this book yet and willing to share their views on it?

Thank you for posting I’ll have to check this out

It is directly available from the publisher:


For those interested, here is another new book on Fischer:


The book is available on Amazon . . .

Twenty books are left . . .



This I must read!


Donaldson does really good books!

@RichColorado Wow it’s selling out fast! Gotta go to Amazon straight away

I have it and I highly recommend it. What makes this book really stand out isn’t so much the information about Bobby, but the things you can learn about everyone in his chess life, such as opponents, contacts and other associates.  I was also impressed with several photos I haven’t seen before. Of course, there are plenty of games included, but even if you never play through them it’s a tremendous read.  


Anyone willing to share the book via post, and we can pass it around from one person to the next when we read it?

I will have to read this