Olympic Hockey


Canada and USA play for gold in ice hockey this afternoon.  There have been some tough match ups in the past, but this years game should be one to remember.

I am a US born player and will be pulling for the Yanks.  But I have many friends North of the border, and I want to wish you luck.  We are having beer and doughnuts between the second and third periods in honor of you : )

Good Luck to both sides,



What an exciting game and a great result for Team Canada. Their nation can be very proud of (almost) the entire event and the home result of 14 golds.


Team Canada was Increadible, and I am so happy that we were Neck and Neck with USA. Those Hockey players are Awesome, Just imagine the passion it takes to get that good. Congrats to the to the USA team on the silver. That game was so close it could have gone either way, lucky us, it went our way.