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People who DO NOT RESIGN in a lost position.

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    Skand wrote:
    no_names_needed wrote:

    it's bad etiquette. My question is does a time win and a mate win have the same value in the rating system

    Bad etiquette? And you are qualified to decide that? In my opinion expecting opponent to resign is bad etiquette. If you do not wish to end the game as per rules, don't play. Is a football team down 0-7 at half time expected to take the field after recess or throw in the towell, say "you win", take bus to airport and diasppear from the scene?

    Well, clearly YOU are not qualified.  Article 5, Section 1.2 of the FIDE Laws of Chess pertains to the completion of a chess game by resignation.  For centuries, resigning a lost game has been a part of both the formal rules of chess and the etiquette of the game. 

    And about your qualifications to speak on football ....  It's not "recess," dude. It's "halftime" (for American football) or "halftime break" (for football).  

    Recess.  Seriously?  Get an opinion that counts my friend.

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    Well, time wins are valid. But they're worth only if you're already winning the game.

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    We all have already concluded that resigning is the right move to make when you will lose. So stop talking about it and let the thread die

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    SonOfThunder2 that would make simon1138 so sad.

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    yeah let the thread die


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